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Saurabh Metal is a company that Manufactures Forged and finished shafts, blanks and blocks and Fully Finished Castings weighing upto 15 MT / Piece . We have a heavy duty open die forging press at Mandideep near Bhopal. Our forging plant is a forward integration of our well established steel melting facility. Along with the forge shop we have down-the-line Heat Treatment and machining capabilities comprising of Vertical Borer CNC, Horizontal Borer, HMC etc.. Hence, we are among the few manufacturers who are having “melting to machining” facility under same roof. Our SMS can produce Carbon, Alloy and Stainless Steel grades. We have an Electric Induction Furnace, LRF and AOD/VOD facility which give us an edge of having our own raw material and proper quality checks kept in place to ensure cleanest steel for your critical applications.

Further, in our endeavor to give you best quality material we have set up vertical furnaces and quenching facility (Water & Oil) for getting better heat treatment properties. Hence, our plant is approved by some of the leading engineering companies like BHEL and Compton Greaves, NPCIL, DGQA, IBR, RDSO (Certificate Enclosed) etc. for supply of critical forgings & Casting components.

Apart from above, we are having facility for manufacturing and machining of heavy industrial steel casting. Our foundry is acknowledged by esteemed orgnisations like RDSO and we are class ‘A’ foundry as per RDSO. Also, we are a “WELL KNOWN FOUNDRY” given by Central Boiler Board, New Delhi.

All above materials are dispatched to you after thoroughly checking by our in-house testing facility where our qualified persons can perform Non-destructive Testing, various type of Mechanical & physical testing, Metallurgical analysis and Chemical Testing suiting to customers requirements.
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